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[Copy] Content has always been king on the internet, but these days, it is not just the quantity that matters, but the quality. Thanks to Google’s algorithms that comb through millions of online pages every second of every day, quality content has become a signifier of a quality website. 

The reward is in the form of improved search engine result rankings that will increase your clients’ visibility and traffic. However, rankings and traffic are not the only aspects of a website that are improved by the addition of quality content. 

If you are curious about how content can help your clients flourish and why you should offer it to them, then keep reading.

It Generates Leads That In Turn, Generate Sales

Without attracting an audience to their website, there is no way your client will make any online sales. Quality content can attract the audience they are targeting, and present chances to convert those visitors into paying customers. 

The content in question should be engaging, relevant to the product or service your client offers and in line with what their audience needs. Thus, content plays the role of allaying the customers fears on whether your client is trustworthy and if your client can be trusted with their money.  

It Creates Brand Awareness

If a website visitor likes certain content and finds it relevant, chances are that they will share it with their peers. People enjoy content that is interesting, unusual and practical and will not hesitate to share it across social media platforms or via email. More shares also translate to more users to the website and more prospective customers to impress. 

It Entices Repeat Purchases

When a person finds quality content that engages them and is relevant to their searches, chances are they will return to the website. If the content requires some action from them, they will be more likely to create a profile, subscribe to a newsletter or actively promote it to others. 

Every visit is an opportunity to sell your product or service, and when a customer consents to share or to receive communications, you can target them with special offers, discounts or exclusive invitations to entice them in to make an additional purchase or subscription. These types of customers will happily fill out forms, call your client or make an online purchase from a website if you successfully engage them. 

Now that you understand the immense impact that quality content on your website can have on your client’s business, you don’t have to let your clients lag behind their competition. If you don’t have an in-house team of content writers, you can always employ the services of a white label copywriting agency.