Marketing is an essential part of running a business successfully. Digital marketing, in particular, is the modern gateway to greater reach and higher conversions. For businesses that already have online platforms set up, the challenge is to modify these platforms so that they attract more potential customers with time. Perhaps the leading buzzword in this regard is SEO (short for Search Engine Optimisation), but it’s not the only technique out there.

We sometimes neglect to properly discuss other methods of improving site traffic with our clients, which are just as effective when applied correctly. In this blog, we try to correct this shortfall by highlighting a few ways to buttress your SEO efforts you’re making for your clients through other avenues.

One – Complement Your Organic SEO With PPC Campaigns

Rolling out white label PPC campaigns that use well-researched keywords is a great way to boost your client’s rankings and get more clicks on their website. The pay-per-click model comes with a wealth of data that can improve insight about users, so you get more than one type of value for your cleint’s ad spend.

Two – Produce Creative Content That Is Value-Packed For Your Client’s Audience

Rather than just creating content for the sake of it, invest in creating content that is useful, engaging and all-round valuable for audiences. This generates interest in the message and encourages conversation about their brand, which can translate into increased traffic.

Three – Build Strong Professional Networks On Platforms Like LinkedIn

Websites aren’t the only online platform for reaching an audience. A professional social media platform like LinkedIn comes with many opportunities for building trust, associating with other reputable businesses in a similar field, and establishing authority. Write informative posts for your clients and share blogs on their feed that resonate with their offering to prompt interest in their other platforms.

Four – Place Up Listings In Industry- & Area-Specific Online Directories

A short, detailed paragraph explaining what a business provides is enough for online directories. It gets to the gist of the matter, plus you can include hyperlinks to your client’s website, which bring in more traffic.

The secret to improving your client’s site traffic is in covering all angles and being bold enough to try even methods you’re not sure of. Innovation is the name of the game. There’s no use in recycling the same old tricks, because they’ll produce the same old results. If you need help growing traffic to your sites, we have a team of white label digital marketing professionals that know all the tricks that are in the book (and even some that aren’t).

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