As social media platforms advance, it has become clear how valuable it is for your clients to have a large following. Their customers aren’t just blind consumers of content, but participants in a greater conversation that can either drive or deter sales for your client. The millions of business accounts on social media are under pressure to produce content that improves traffic, engagements and (ultimately) translates into conversions. The role of social media followers for business accounts can be understood by looking at the quality of followers and not so much the numbers themselves. In this blog, we chat about why it’s important to grow your clients’ social media following in pursuit of business goals.

#1 – The Level Of Engagement You Rally Up Contributes To The Advancement Of Your Client’s Goals

It’s no use having a million followers if none of them ever like, comment or share your client’s content. You should work on attracting followers for your client who are interested in what they are offering, so that other, like-minded users can find them too. This way, they’re more likely to engage with your client’s content in ways that boost traffic to other platforms and promote brand awareness.

#2 – User Generated Content And Sharing Gives Your Client Free Publicity

If your client’s happy customers follow them online, they may post images, videos and other content that shows your client’s products in a positive light. This serves as free advertising, so promote posting and sharing among your client’s followers. Social media is a two-way street.

#3 – Customers Are More Likely To Trust A Referral From Someone Who’s Used The Product Before

Because followers will likely have common interests, you may want your client to partner up with a few of them to spread messaging about their brand through their own content. Influencer culture has really picked up and online users will come on board if your client’s marketing is accessible and relatable in this way.

#4 – Followers Can Turn Into Paying Customers

At the end of the day, don’t let the exercise of running a social media account be in vain for your clients. Put out content for your clients that converts leads into customers. There must be a tangible return on their investment.

The key thing is to regard every follower as a potential sale. The bottom line is: what can your client offer their followers, and how do you deliver it for your client as something they want or need? The more followers your client has, the more potential your client has to make revenue. Let us help you build your client’s following so that they can make more money.

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