Your client’s website needs a certain amount of daily traffic for their online presence to remain relevant. Social media platforms are a good start, however there are many other tools that are not as well-known as their more popular counterparts. Here are 7 marketing tools and strategies that you can use to increase web traffic to your client’s website.

Typeform performs as a serving tool. Use Typeform to find out what your client’s audience is interested in – what are their likes/dislikes? What are they interested in reading? When you cater the content to what people want to read about, the clicks will stream in.
Canva is a design tool which allows you to create your own custom graphics. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require an art degree. Stock photos don’t cut it anymore – even if they have been edited– they are easy to pick up and used too often. Create your own original graphics for your client’s campaign that haven’t been used on thousands of other websites.

Meet Edgar
Meet Edgar is a social media management software. It’s a social sharing tool that shares the same blog, article and URL numerous times on social media platforms. Instead of sharing a blog once and hoping it acquires enough traffic, Meet Edgar will share it at different times in the day over a few days in order to reach more people. uses push notifications as a marketing strategy which will keep visitors coming, therefore creating more traffic. It will notify people who have subscribed to your client’s site when there is new content, blogs, products or services available.

LeadQuizzes is a free quiz generator. People love to participate in quizzes. They are engaging, fun and quick. Posting a quiz on a social media platform will increase traffic to your client’s site, but it’s also an easy way to collect email addresses for nurturing down the line. After completing a quiz, people can input their email address and you can use these addresses to notify them of new products, blogs or services that your client is offering. This is also a great excuse to start offering your client an email marketing service if you aren’t already.

There are many well-known marketing tools available, however these five are just as effective and will increase your client’s web traffic to more than a few clicks per day. Increase your client’s online presence with these marketing tools by creating your own artwork, generating quizzes and more.