Digital Agencies from Auckland to Wellington might have already had their strategy meeting to set up goals for their agencies as well as for their clients – but experts in New Zealand are asking marketers if these goals are realistic, and if they are, do agencies have a proper plan to achieve them.

The problem many NZ digital agencies face is not only the execution of their goals, which is really the key to ensuring profitable revenue but the fact that they lack the insight into understanding the data available to plan for the future.

Here is a clear breakdown of the steps you should take right now to direct your business in the most positive way, enhancing all your work in the shape of greater outcomes.

  • Be a visionary

Visualise your brand’s goals and create a vision board for all the goals you can dream up. Place them on the vision board so that it becomes a tangible thing you can see. A vision board is also helpful in guiding your role in the business and where you want your role to grow or evolve. This visualising will help you to start developing your thoughts into strategies.

  • Be a strategist

With your vision board, as it were, you can now start picking at it and deciding how to execute your vision properly. Your vision should be broken down into two plans of action. The first is your weekly activities, which must be ticked off every week to keep your agency in check; the second must be a due-by-date plan for all your projects.

  • Be an analyst

It’s now time for you to take your agency to the next level. You can measure all your goals with tools like Google Analytics. By analysing this properly, you can measure your plans with data-backed intelligence. This will help guide your decision-making more effectively, helping your agency grow according to your business and marketing plan as well as your goals.

With these clear points in mind, you can now move forward with more confidence than before so that you can actually take your digital business to the next level and enter other markets for more profitability.

The time this sort of planning will give you is simply invaluable. You will have the time to plan better, to review and to measure results as they come in. With this intelligence through tools such as Google Analytics, you will have the data necessary to make better decisions by changing your reactive responses to proactive ones.

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