The 21st Century is all about information, more importantly, offering the right kind of information, at the right time. When a consumer has a need and doesn’t know how to fill it, there is one thing they will do almost immediately: search for it online. If a result does not appear on the first or second results page, they are not likely to keep looking. If they do make it to a particular website that promises to meet their needs and the content is irrelevant then they will keep looking.

It can be a challenge to remain up to date with what your customers want online. According to research firm Smart Insights, this can only be done through discovery. “Learning what your client needs, their strategic indicatives, their goals, and their outcomes”, discovery is what lets you keep up with the latest market changes and optimise your online presence for it.

This is where SEO Resellers New Zealand comes in. We believe that all companies can benefit from understanding their client’s behaviour online, but recognise that properly investing in audits can be expensive and time consuming. To meet this need, we offer free auditing tools to smaller to medium sized enterprises as well as their clients – for free. Our goal is to use audits to provide a behind the scenes boost to companies, leaving them free to concentrate on providing their service or product.

Only SEO Resellers New Zealand allows clients to take charge of their Search Engine Optimisation, as well as that of their own clients, with ease. We are able to offer the use of licensed tools which can be used to create monthly ranking reports and analytics reports, and are always on hand to provide support when needed.

If you are a business in New Zealand and need assistance managing your clients or your own online requirements, contact SEO Resellers New Zealand today.