When many small business owners hear the term ‘online content marketing’ they tend to tune out, assuming that it involves money, time and effort that bigger brands have and they don’t. This is not true, and content marketing can be used by small to medium businesses to great effect as long as they partner with a company that knows what it is doing like SEO Resellers New Zealand.

We work with small – medium businesses at SEO Resellers NZ as we are digital marketing resellers. It makes sense then that according to New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, small businesses dominate industries in the country. However, their research shows that only 66% of those businesses have a website and that only 44% use some form of internet marketing services. This means that a large amount of entrepreneurs who work in New Zealand could benefit hugely from using online marketing strategies that prioritise online website copywriting for content marketing.

As popular white label SEO providers in New Zealand, we see a demand for aspects of wholesale digital marketing such as wholesale web development, web design and even companies looking to hire a Virtual Assistant. The number of people who know about and request content marketing as part of their SEO outsourcing is low.

According to a recent article on content marketing that appeared in Forbes by entrepreneur John Frampton, content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent information to reach the audience you eventually want to sell to by building a social media following and running a blog. Frequently this involves copywriting, although it touches on social media marketing and web design services to a lesser extent.

It is surprisingly cost effective for a small business with a limited budget to take advantage of what content marketing has to offer. Successful content marketing needs to fit into a brand’s existing digital marketing strategy, including its SEO marketing and PPC advertising.

In between all the other marketing services you already offer your clients, you might not have time to offer them this and t
hey might struggle to find a place for it in their already stretched budget.
The good news is that white label services can help you supply your clients with all the content they need for content marketing, at a price you can both afford. And as with all white label SEO services, you can brand it as your own and supply it to them directly.

copy writing min - Copywriting for content creation now an option for all small New Zealand entrepreneurs

White label digital marketing is an affordable solution for Kiwi marketing agencies, allowing them to provide content rich blog articles for sharing on social media that use keywords and are well researched to fit into the brand’s existing content marketing strategy. Their websites can be SEO rich with content and you don’t have to do thing. It’s an affordable way for you to add value to your clients with little effor that is well worth checking out.

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