With the quietening down of businesses, digital marketing agencies have more time on their hands. And what better use of time than to focus on the future. So, how has your agency focused on the future?

Is Your Agency Bringing New Products To Market? 

While clients may not use some of your agency’s products and services during quieter times, what better time than the present to focus on which products and services are working and which ones need to hit the recycle bin. Digital marketing agencies can use current times to reflect on their product and service portfolios, readjust their offerings and bring in some fresh, exciting offerings to current and future clients.

Is Your Agency Restructuring Employees And Product/Services Rates?

While work is on a slowdown, digital marketing agencies can use this time to reflect on their current full-time and part-time employees as well as their rates to see if their existing structures are actually proving to be profitable or causing their agency just to break even.

There has never been a better (forced) sandbox experiment than the COVID-19 pandemic to demonstrate the potential for remote working and contracted versus full-time employment. How can this experiment benefit your digital agency? Have you thought about it?

Is Your Agency Connecting With Old Clients?

While new clients may not be rushing to your digital agency doorstep currently, the chances that you have a long list of old, paused or archived clients are pretty high. If it takes you a while to remember the last time your agency made contact with these past clients, then the abundance of time you have now can be used to make personal contact with each of them.

Our advice on framing this conversation would be to start by digging to find out where each specific client is at. Ask them questions that will uncover how their business has evolved since last engaging with you. The intelligence you discover here should be used to inform the conversation you have with them. Use it as an opportunity to demonstrate to them how your agency has evolved, and how you can now, even better than before, support their business with marketing.

Focusing on extending a communicative hand to them may just bump up those profitable projects in the future and add to your future list of clients and projects.

Is Your Agency Connecting With New Subcontractors?

Just because times are quiet now within your agency, does not mean it will always be this quiet. With high hopes for a busier future, agency owners can prepare for an active future and ensure that they have the staff complement to accommodate for this. Seeking new subcontractors means that agencies will have the workforce to accommodate future busy times.

Is Your Agency Training Up Staff Members?

With so much time available, why wouldn’t you, as the marketing agency owner, take the time to provide online courses and training for those who work for you. A renewed focus on employee or subcontractor skills will certainly create a future that is brighter, not only for those who are trained but also for the products your agency offers.

The skills that your employees go off and pick up could be a catalyst for new products or services your agency might offer. Serving your current clients with more options means more revenue from an existing happy database.

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