Although most agencies around Australia have some kind of SEO solution in place, these are often expensive and not something that all your clients will be ready to shell out for without some convincing.

When this is the case, there are still some simple changes that can be made to improve your client’s brand online, starting specifically with the content they are creating. This is a factor that both they and you have control over.

Here are our top five techniques you can pass on to your clients today to help better your SEO writing and improve your clients’ ranking:

  • Keep their customers in mind

What is their behaviour like? Do they connect to your client’s social media page and engage? Do they prefer short blogs or in-depth discussions?

According to Ahmed Kareh from Twistlab Marketing, who was also a guest writer on Forbes, a closer monitoring of your client’s customer-base is becoming more important than following the algorithms of the net.

  • Use honest, professional SEO writers

The days are long gone when writers could abuse Google. Now, with artificial intelligence such as RankBrain, the clogging-up of blogs with useless keywords just to obtain high ranking has become offensive to search engines. Your customers may even be liable to penalties.

That’s why we suggest you keep the content as natural as possible and use your keywords sparingly. Moreover, it really doesn’t need to take a robot to detect keyword spamming; people can detect it also.

  • Relevance means quality

You should take a look at your client’s brand content and consider if it is relevant or reflective of their customers’ enquiries. Does the content they offer their clients answer their customers’ needs?

We believe that excellent SEO writing means writing naturally and with the intention to inform the reader. Consider what your client’s brand is really telling its customers and whether the content you supply is meeting this need.

  • Consistency is the all-important factor

If you think about it carefully, being consistent in any area of life delivers something very important, trust. And for Google as well as people, trust is key to winning a conversion.

That’s why we suggest offering your clients consistent, well-written SEO copy—the more the better. The more you write, the more search engines will see that your clients’ websites are active and relevant.

  • Be clever with your keywords

Your clients may have many competitors using the same keywords. It is a good idea, we think, to find out what specifically your client’s brand offers.

By using long-tailed words, the targeting of your client’s brand name or offering will be more directed, which means a better conversion rate.

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