For digital marketing agencies, including your agency, emailers have always been an effective way to garner conversions and sales for clients. And, while there are many tips to try and an abundance of advice on how to better emailers for your clients, not much has been said on the type of effective emailers to do for your clients to garner increased click-throughs. In this blog, we briefly discuss the different types of effective emailers to use for your clients, so keep on reading!

Personalised Welcome Emails And Email Newsletters

When last did your digital marketing agency send out a welcome email for your clients to their new customers? Well, if it’s been a while, you should. You should also send out email newsletters for your clients if that has taken a seat on the backburner.

According to blogthomasnet, “ Welcome emails show better open and click-through rates when they offer a personal touch and introduce your organisation without slathering on the sales pitch. Don’t introduce a new product or service before you’ve built a relationship. Simply work on giving off a good first impression — one that illustrates your industry knowledge and expertise — and pave the way for future contact.” blogthomasnet continues, “Many businesses and organisations send email newsletters to stay top of mind for their recipients…. They are great tools for educating customers and prospects about your business and showcasing employee profiles, company passion projects, and relevant graphics.”

Has Your Agency Sent Out Dedicated Emails For Your Clients Lately?

Otherwise known as stand-alone emails, these dedicated emails boast information about a certain offer, event or educational product. Similar to landing pages, digital marketing agencies will surely enhance conversions and lessen unsubscribes. An effective emailer to be used to garner increased click-throughs for your clients. 

Other Effective Emails To Use

When it comes to other types of effective emails, be sure to send out lead nurturing emails, sponsorship emails, transactional emails, re-engagement emails, brand story emails, and review request emails. Should you not know what these are or if you want to know the secret to improve these effective types of emails, speak to our email experts today!

Let’s Garner Click-Throughs And Create ROI-Boosting Emailers Together!

At Seo Resellers New Zealand, we have helped many digital marketing agencies with emailer projects. Not only do we have the resources to write the emailers, but we have the know-how and the secrets to emailing success that will certainly get your clients’ customers converting. Find out more about our email services and other digital marketing services here.