As digital marketers, our job is to communicate with our clients’ potential leads in ways that encourage trust and loyalty. This can be achieved through targeted campaigns and content that is placed on your client’s website. It’s these digital marketing efforts that can drive the process of securing sales from traffic that goes through the platform. But how do you get to a point where people trust the website?

Put on your consumer hat for a second. Have you ever clicked on a website where, for some reason, you felt like something was fishy? Perhaps you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but an overwhelming distrust took over. It could have been anything from the layout to the quality of copy published. In this blog, we highlight a few key ways to use websites to build a trusting and faithful client base.

  1. Include a Variety of Both Positive & Negative Customer Reviews

Let your client’s existing customers tell the story of what they have to offer. Just bear in mind that prospective customers know that nobody’s perfect, so include some of the negative reviews as well and leave it up to them to decide.

  1. Use Real-Time Statistics to Show The Audience There Are Other People Browsing the Site

Information such as the number of people shopping for the same product at the same time, or a countdown of items left is evidence of activity on the website. Customers will see that they’re not alone, which means that – if other people trust the platform – they can relax and use it too.

  1. Showcase All Your Client’s Achievements, Such as Awards & Prestigious Memberships

Everybody wants to be associated with winners and trustworthy businesses. Achievements make your clients trustworthy in the eyes of customers. Put your client’s awards in the spotlight so that people know they’re dealing with a business that knows its stuff. Even first-timers will be more comfortable bringing their business there and staying on in future.

  1. Add A ‘Round-The-Clock’ Live Chat Feature

Communication is crucial to fostering trust. Potential customers are bound to have enquiries, especially if they’re visiting the website for the first time. Live chats open the lines of communication and put them at ease about your client’s forthcomingness.

Creating trust on a mass communication platform is a delicate process. Try White Lable Web Design Services. With the right team of digital marketers on your side, you can get customers to see your clients as an authentic and trustworthy business.