In November 2017, the CEO of Globital, Damian Papworth, and his Director of Operations in South Africa, Steven Slotow, presented a Masterclass in digital marketing and sales to various small to medium digital agencies in the three major cities of South Africa.

The Masterclass is an important focus for Globital as it meets one of the main objectives of the company: providing unrivaled and effective sales support to the digital agencies in South Africa that the company provides services to.

Damian said, “We understand that our success is solely a result of the successes our agencies achieve. I love the fact that we can go the extra mile in supporting them, which is why opportunities like this Masterclass are my passion.”

When asked for his reason in choosing South Africa first, Damian had the following to say, “South Africa presents a unique challenge, seeing as the digital marketing industry there is so diversified. Many of the agencies that we support there are specialists in a very small niche and struggle to expand their businesses due to a lack of sales knowledge. That means that being able to help these agencies find success, was a great litmus test for the Masterclass, and I’m ecstatic at how well it went.”

The Masterclass was presented in South Africa’s major cities, namely Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and was attended by the agency owners and managers that the company supports, as well as some who were interested in the company, and keen to learn more about its service offering.

During the 2 day Masterclass, local agencies that attended learned:

  • how to make networking and referral marketing work for them
  • a wide range of best sales practices and techniques
  • networked with other, like-minded local digital agencies
  • made a 3-month marketing plan, unique to their own agency

The Masterclass’ sales segment was met with the most enthusiasm bu attendees says Steven: “So many of our attendees gave us great feedback after our sales training, especially in terms of Damian showing how they can effectively integrate sales best practices into their day-to-day activities.”

The next stop for the Masterclass is Australia in 2018, so if you’re in New Zealand and might want to make the trip, keep an eye out on your Inbox.

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