As experts in the field, we not only provide digital marketing agencies and owners, such as yourself, with advice, but we compare the opinions and research of industry leaders to further provide better recommendations. And in quiet times where digital agencies and advertising agencies are struggling, now is the best time to heed our industry-leading advice!

In this blog we focus on upselling and cross-selling – a terminology all digital agencies should know about. And, yes, while some of you agency owners may know about these two opportunities, many of you are not making full use of this profit-boosting opportunity. However, it’s time you do even if you’re apprehensive to upsell to clients who you already know are struggling slightly in business and in finance. 

Yes, clients are struggling and marketing budgets are tight. But, trust us when we say these new ways of doing business will benefit your bankroll and theirs as well.

We totally agree with Wordstream when they say, “It can be easy for marketers to forget about their previous customers while they’re putting all of their blood, sweat, and tears into generating new interest and getting more leads to enter the funnel. But sometimes the best opportunities are the ones you’ve already created. Running efficient advertising campaigns to re-convert past customers is often the best use of your working hours. And while it might seem counter-intuitive to re-invest in the same individuals, running paid campaigns for cross-sell/upsell purposes can increase each customer’s lifetime value and average order value, increasing your revenue. That’s not time wasted!”

So, while you’re marketing your agency in the hopes to gain new clients, focus on upselling and cross-selling as well. And, thanks to Instapage, we’ve listed some effective ways your digital marketing agency can upsell to their customers:

  1. Extended Marketing Service: Offer your customers an additional contract period by charging a fraction of the full value
  2. Not-To-Be-Missed Financial Offers And Assistance: Offer your clients the ability to pay for your digital marketing services in installments, with the total price of the installments slightly exceeding the total of the lump sum payment
  3. Premium Versions Of The Same Product: Offer your existing clients the same services they are making use of, but at a greater volume for a discounted rate or normal rate. For example, offer five more blogs per month
  4. Offer Different Service Packages Alongside Each Other: Be sure to show them the financial benefits of these packages and combined services
  5. Inform Clients About All Your Services They Might Not Know About But Need: Be sure to show them the benefits of solutions across different platforms and all the advantages their business will enjoy
  6. Offer Customisation: Customer Upgrades, Customisation, and Revamps are a great way to add services to current client services without feeling pushy.

No matter the type of cross-selling or upsell, always present this pitch as a way to better your client’s business and as an effective way to solve their problems. For more information about upselling, cross-selling, the best time to do this, and techniques to do with, contact us at Globital on Our Whitelabel, SEO services, and digital marketing tools will assist you and your digital agency when you get that additional business in!

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