So, your agency is seeing a longer list of SEO clients lately who need the very best in digital marketing but only have a tight marketing budget to work with. So, what does your agency do? Turn them away? No. Work with what you’ve got!

Did you know that you can easily increase your client’s leads, and substantially, on a small budget with these SEO secrets? Yes, that’s right! With great thinking, secrets of the trade revealed and the best tools, turning a small-budget client into a future mega-client is easy. And here’s how.

Whether advanced SEO, on-page SEO or technical SEO, digital marketing agencies like yours can make small improvements and focus on specific changes, while in as little time and with budget possible, and still gain the results of top, costly marketing efforts that clients worldwide have come to expect, in fact demand.

After reading this blog you’ll be able to increase leads, keywords and impressions by a high per cent. Even with a small spend for SEO, incorporating the following into your agency’s SEO efforts will generate positive results and subsequent ROI for your clients.

First off, revisit the SEO objectives previously set out for your client. Does your strategy work best for technical, advanced or on-page SEO? Is your client’s SEO action plan content driven? Ensure the relevant search terms and keywords are up to date. Base your targets/KPI numbers on appropriate past-time efforts. Then install a new online chat function on your client’s site to help capture inquiries when business hours prevent staff from addressing online inquiries. In addition, implement the bot so it appears on the tab as a message notification, drawing people’s attention to the page even when it isn’t the active tab.

Then, with expense spared, optimize page titles, creating meta descriptions between 100-155 characters, using keywords that naturally fit, and use optimal image sizes for the website. Use alt text for images; implement internal and external links where possible; utilize FAQ schema on the more frequently searched questions and optimizing the sitemap. It also pays off to use the robots.txt file to point search crawlers in the right direction;  create redirects if needed and fix outdated pages or remove them. Tweaks to your client’s website will also bode well for top SEO results.

After doing all of this, which is more effort than cost, optimize the form on the website. Whether it’s adding a heat mapping or anonymized visitor recording, analyzing the form data, limiting form questions – making necessary changes will make ROI and results soar. When it comes to SEO and website forms, the easier the process the more the sales conversions!

A few other tips to highlight here is to flesh out content to make it more engaging, focus on search intent when searching keywords, use natural CTAs at the end of every content piece and make use of a simple, but effective tone of voice throughout the website content. And the list can go on and on, from SEO sales tactics to ranking secrets to traffic tips, But to fill you in on more ways for your agency to increase your clients’ leads by almost 750% on a small budget, get in touch with our SEO experts and lets chat about how we can support you.

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