Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept but is a brilliant strategy to use. Influencer marketing is when an influential person, such as a celebrity-athlete or television personality is paid to promote a business’s product or service. The aim is to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible and has so far been very effective.

Influencer marketing is different from television or radio advertising, or printed media. Instead of creating a clip advertising a product which features a favoured tennis player, influencer marketing would involve the tennis player using the product in his/her daily routine, and posting about it on their social media accounts. Influencer marketing is more subtle than regular advertising. An example would be a well-known model posting a selfie on Instagram wearing a pair of earrings, and in the caption, she would have to mention the product, manufacturer, and other details.

Most of the time, these influential promotors will need to be paid for the product promotion, gifted free samples or inspired to become an influencer. The cost may be high – depending on who is chosen to promote the product – however, the thousands of people reached with just a single image make it worth it. Influencer marketing is particularly successful with millennials, as the majority of social media users in that age group are easily influenced if they are familiar with the promoter.

Influencer marketing is not just current on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Businesses will at times make use of a guest blogger, and feature blogs written by them on their website. However, there is a fine line between successful influencer marketing and inundating your client’s brand with another person’s presence.

Influencer marketing is an intelligent way to market your client’s business, product or service in a subtle way, that will reach thousands of more people than what would be usual. Influencer marketing promotes your client’s brands, creates a sense of credibility with the use of a trusted or well-known figure, and allows your client to tap into a community they have previously been unable to reach.