The role of an SEO company in Auckland is to make your business highly visible. And the role of a podcast is to make your business highly audible. Have you thought about using podcasts as part of your overall content marketing strategy? Maybe you should.

A 2019 survey showed that more than 320,000 New Zealanders downloaded audio or video podcasts in an average four-week period. Impressive enough on its own, but even more so when compared to previous years as this was an increase of nearly 150,000 compared to 2016.

Meanwhile, a survey by Radio New Zealand that was released in June 2019 showed 31% of Kiwis download podcasts, with 48% of all podcast listeners in New Zealand aged under 45 years.

Those numbers represent a massive marketing opportunity. Podcasting falls into the field of easy-to-consume content; this type of content which also includes newsletters is fast gaining popularity as people crave convenience in their busy lives. People can enjoy listening to them whenever they want because they’re on-demand, can be repeated as often as they want to listen to them, and take almost no effort to consume.

Anyone with one eye on their content marketing strategy and the other on their market should see that podcasting is ripe for the picking. Great content marketing strengthens the relationship and deepens the level of trust between a business and potential customers and clients. Blog posts are the obvious example of this; B2B marketers who have blogs get 67% more leads than those who don’t. There’s no doubt that high-quality written content, within a smart Search Engine Optimisation strategy, is a strong part of a content marketing mix. But when a prospective customer or client is driving, working out, chilling out, or just not in a position to read or watch a screen, then isn’t a podcast the ideal alternative? In years past, radio was the “mobile medium” that you could listen to when on the move. Now that podcasts are so well established, can’t they be the new way to be heard?

Podcasts don’t have to be high-tech affairs, or as flashy as video – which is another key component in modern content marketing strategies. They can be produced relatively cheaply. Just as long as they inform and educate listeners, and are promoted so that people actually know they exist, then there is no reason not to make them part of your marketing formula. Think of them as blog posts for the ears: pieces of valuable information that display your knowledge, your expertise, your skills, your experience, your fascinating company story, and your Point of Difference. If your business has all those things going for it, then shouldn’t people hear all about it?

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