LinkedIn recently introduced a new feature to the mix, namely event ads and boosted posts that allow for a far wider and more targeted reach of audience. With this new approach and function brands and companies now have more insight and ability, although must also adhere to a few new guidelines as always. With changes to be made be sure to read on to keep on top of what’s new in the industry and on this versatile platform.

Boosting Organic Posts

LinkedIn introduced the ability to boost organic posts in May this year, allowing for campaigns to be created in association with your page and in turn be driven to a determined audience. With this feature, you can select the goal for the post, the intended audience, the language and the location of your audience, honing in on the most ideal viewers for your messaging. Your budget can also be included, as well as the scheduled time for the post. It also brings the platform on apr with the competitors and allows for a much more dynamic approach for marketers across industries.  

Upcoming Events

Located on your feed, this new feature helps easily promote event details such as dates, time, and registration periods. Much like competing platforms, this new addition will give you the ability to see if your mutual connections are also interested in the occasion. This feature allows for stronger engagement and attendance in segments f the audience that was previously hard to properly define. 

Custom Mobile Page Analytics

The platform is also introducing Custom Mobile Page Analytics, allowing users to see visitor statistics and follower metrics that ensure even more insight into the behaviour of audiences on this platform that was previously hard to find. Organisers and managers will also see page and profile analytics, such as the total number of attendees and visitors’ engagement with the posts on the profile itself.

Custom Live Streaming

Taking on competitor strategies, the platform is also allowing for live streams of more productive,
job-related topics. Honing in on their user base while still allowing for the most commonly seen
social media, features.

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