Keeping an existing client happy can be challenging. You run the risk of losing them due to boredom or repeating the same offers again and again in the hopes of securing loyalty.

Many loyalty programs are now both digital and automated, giving digital marketers the chance to not only help clients attract new customers but also to keep the ones that are already there. Here are a few customer loyalty trends worth considering when creating options for them.

  1. Use multiple channels

Typical loyalty programmes involve a single touchpoint such as an online referral or sharing a blog article on Facebook. Until now, these various touchpoints haven’t been aligned to the accomplishment of a central goal. Customers now expect to be able to accumulate points or work towards a discount by engaging across, email, social media and through real life, in-store referrals. This has the added bonus of creating a wealth of data that can tell you what customers do and don’t respond to and what gains the most traction.

  1. Personalisation

Yes, you’re already personalising emails with customer’s names. This is not enough. Customers expect to be recognised on a deeper level than that (according to their interactions with a brand) and are willing to share data to do so. Segmenting customers and tracking their relationship with your client can tell you plenty about their spending habits. If most of these interactions have occurred online, they will be easy to track and refer to.

  1. Relevant partnerships

The only thing better than a deal is two deals. Partnering with another business that is relevant to yours allows you to both offer loyal clients extra value through something that you would not typically provide. This is commonly used by major airlines, car hire businesses and hotel chains. However, there is nothing stopping smaller or niche businesses operating in the same neighbourhood from doing the same.

And while you’re partnering up because you both serve the same target market, why not set up a referral strategy between the two of you as well? Their client clearly needs what you’re offering and vice versa. Simply ask.

  1. Responsible spending

Clients can easily meet their corporate social responsibility goals while garnering loyalty at the same time. Modern customers take a deep interest in the ethics and environmental friendliness of a brand. Loyalty can be built by creating programs that benefit causes relevant to your business in a personal way.

Which of these trends would suit your clients?

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