Keeping up with its reputation for continually working towards offering users a better experience by delivering even more relevant, useful results, Google is rolling out a new update. Appropriately named the May 2022 Core Update, this new addition from Google is going to mean significant changes for digital agencies and the way they handle their clients’ SEO needs. SEO Resellers New Zealand works in partnership with digital agencies that are in need of digital resellers to whom they can outsource digital marketing and SEO for their clients. Handling a wide range of digital services, we keep on top of any and all major events in the digital world, including Google’s big updates. 

What Is A Broad Core Update?

The May 2022 Core Update is a broad core update from Google. This means that Google is changing its “core”. In other words, Google will be making changes to the set of algorithms we know as “the algorithm” used to interpret keywords, links and other signals from web pages in order to rank the best answers to its users’ questions. Core updates can result in drastic spikes or drops in the ranking of a page as the algorithm changes the criteria it uses to assess whether the content is useful or relevant. 

What Changes Will the May 2022 Core Update Bring?

Google regularly updates its systems and algorithms with the aim of maintaining its stellar reputation for offering users relevant search results. Google is all about keeping results helpful and useful and consistently tweaks and improves its systems to adapt to the ever-changing nature of the internet. As a broad update, the May 2022 Core Update is not targeting any one specific area. It’s an overall change to the way content is determined to be helpful or irrelevant. Digital agencies should expect a significant impact in the face of this update.

What Do These Changes Mean For Digital Agencies?

Digital agencies are likely to see their client’s web pages experience significant rises or falls in rankings. It’s important to keep in mind (and communicate to their clients) that this is not a result of any failures or penalties enacted by Google. Digital agencies should be proactive in explaining the update and its impact to their clients in order to mitigate any potential panic on their part. It’s important not to take rash action. Once the update has finished rolling out, digital agencies should prepare to analyse their clients’ web pages and start assessing the impact it has had. Once this analysis has been done, digital agencies can compare the results against other factors like seasonality or website changes before coming up with a new strategy. Big changes from Google should be viewed as an opportunity for growth. These are to be celebrated rather than treated as a challenge or obstacle. If a digital agency is having particular trouble adapting to the changes the May 2022 Core Update brings, Google offers information that could help.

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