A client wants more web traffic and has approached you for help in getting his website better rankings on search engines. But before you can start optimising for a boost in search engine visibility by implementing a plethora of SEO techniques, you need to do your homework first.

In the same way you would prepare for a long road trip by having your car checked out for problem areas and then taking the necessary steps to repair them, you will need to know what the website problem areas are before you can address them. Set yourself up for success with the following 3 preparatory steps:

  1. Conduct a website audit

A website audit provides valued insight into the issues of why a website performs badly on results pages. With an SEO audit you can quite easily and quickly identify technical issues that hamper search engine algorithms from trawling a website’s content properly or identify problems with content structure that may be confusing. A website audit is the best way to begin before optimisation can take place.

  1. Understand your client’s audience

The next step in an effective SEO strategy is to provide website content that would appeal to the interests of your client’s target audience. It is only by getting this step right that you can understand how best to address the frustrations, challenges and wants of prospects and adapt your client’s content accordingly. Developing buyer personas or avatars can improve the value of your client’s website content and increase the quality of your service offering.

  1. ‘Spy’ on the competitive landscape

A competitor analysis offers a better understanding of the arena your client is competing in and will allow you to formulate strategies to attract the attention of relevant audiences and identify what the high priority queries are. What information are competitors producing? Can you help your client offer a more authoritative voice in their industry? Regular long-form, expert blog posts are a great source of authority to a website.

SEO Resellers New Zealand has the experience and proficiencies in a range of digital marketing activities that includes free SEO audits for your clients as well as an English first language copywriting team that can create expert blog posts on behalf of your clients.

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