What a year 2021 has been. And we’re not just talking digital. From crashing economies to a global pandemic, this year has been enough to realise that the only constant in life changes. Add to this the flurry that is the digital marketing world, and we’re in the midst of a dramatic change.

In the same light that the world has changed in reality, so has the digital space – even within a few months. And while those in the digital marketing world know all too well about change, this year, in particular, has seen an immense shift in the way digital marketing is done. And, with any change, this brings new reflections and insights.

Changes In The Digital Sphere

So, what has the digital world shown us so far? Well, online users and customers’ behaviours have changed. New apps, tools and technologies continue to hit the digital marketing front and at great speed, and with this, the realisation that if you, as a digital marketing agency, don’t keep up, you’ll be put out. Also, the constant need for more engaging content, with audiences now demanding more personalised content and digital marketing agencies put under the knife even more to deliver on even greater demands.

This year we’ve also seen improved management of digital marketing integrated into traditional marketing activities. According to SmartInsights, “With this in mind, businesses are, understandably, looking for the most efficient and effective digital marketing opportunities, prioritising steady growth and avoiding risk.” Furthermore, digital marketing agencies have had to integrate conversational marketing more so than ever. 

Then, if reflections on the year so far show, digital marketing agencies really need to up their privacy and consent efforts with clients now focusing on privacy and safety online. Then, with the rise of privacy, artificial intelligence and machine learning, marketing is entering the “trough of disillusionment”, with digital marketing agencies needing to focus on this as well. 

Through mid-year digital marketing reflections, there is much we have learnt. But, in a nutshell, it’s all about working harder for your clients to get those results, keeping abreast of an ever-changing digital landscape and changing the marketing strategy for your clients as fast as the industry changes itself. Get in touch for wholesale digital marketing services.

How You And Your Agency Clients Can Keep Up

While there is still much of the year ahead of us, it’s not too late to revisit digital marketing changes and innovations and reflect on them to identify opportunities to improve leads and sales for your clients. If you want more reflections and associated lessons, information or support to get those goal achievements and ROI up for your clients, please email support@globitalmarketing.com.