In 2021, you can be sure that the digital space is where it’s at. Your digital marketing agency should explore new ways and expand on existing landing page conventions to create positive business for your clients. If your client’s landing page isn’t up to standard, consumers of today will simply go elsewhere. That’s all it takes, and that’s all your clients have in order to get them through the digital door. At SEO Reseller New Zealand, we know what it takes, and we have some exciting landing page trends that your agency needs to know about.

Trends That Are Setting Landing Pages Apart This Year

Before we dive in, remember that your clients will need to make sure to tick all the usual boxes. After all, no landing page trend will excite a user if it isn’t up to par in terms of usability, performance, or digital accessibility standards. Yes, this does mean you might need to do a slight audit and modification to your client’s site in order to get on track, but it’s worth it. Remember also to check the site’s mobile functionality!

Once you have your client’s website “up to code”, you can explore some of the hottest trends for 2021:

  • Minimalistic design

Less muss, less fuss. Landing pages are NOT home pages, and their entire purpose is to convert. That’s it. A simple landing page will load faster (hello, better SEO rankings), make a better impression, and make your client’s message more digestible. 

  • High contrast and custom illustrations

Stock photos are becoming outdated in a number of ways. Users want personalised attention to detail. The use of vivid and contrasting colours combined with customised illustrations that speak to the tone of your client’s business is the way to go.

  • Interactive landing page design and functionality

What do you get with interactive landing page design? Brand awareness, engagement, and conversion.

  • No more navigation bars!

It’s 2021. We feel that it is safe to assume that site users have a certain threshold of digital understanding. Landing pages CONVERT. Simply add a link to your client’s homepage to direct users to their site but more importantly, get them converted with a strong Call To Action at the very first point of connection. 

  • Visuals, visuals everywhere

Videos and images are the must-haves for your client’s landing page – offer value that exists especially for them! Top tip: make sure to optimise the playability of the video or the loading time of the visuals.

Want To Make Sure Your Client’s Landing Pages Are Successful? 

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