Small businesses understand the power of having a salesperson. It’s usually your client as the business owner doing all the selling when their business is in its infancy but as they grow and start seeking additional customers, they’ll want to explore what a digital agency can do to improve their business sales. This is a wise decision, as long as you as the digital agency make it clear to them that digital marketing should always supplement their sales efforts and never replace it.


Digital marketing alone is excellent at defining, refining and then generating leads, but what happens to these leads once they’re primed and prepared to make a sale? Similarly, a sales team without help from digital marketing will spend all its time trying to chase down suitable leads, leaving no time or energy for transforming those leads into sales. When digital marketing and sales work together, you get a measurable return on investment for both services.


In the past, a person seeking a product or service would only have a handful of offers to choose from. These days they have thousands, each one promising to be better than the next. It’s the job of marketing to make sure the right people are finding your client’s business and are inspired to choose it over other options out there. It might target them based on geography, gender or age but with marketing, you can pinpoint and target highly specific groups based on what platforms and messaging they’ll best respond to and get them to the point where they’re ready to buy what your client is offering.


Your client’s sales team is your point of contact with a customer, who’ll be responsible for keeping them happy and ensuring their needs are met so that they remain loyal to the business. They’ll be able to engage with a customer in a way that digital marketing can’t by offering them customer services that meet their needs and answer all their questions. They can also upsell and resell services by closely interacting with the customer and getting to know their intimate needs.

As long as you make it clear to your clients that your digital marketing efforts will need to be supplemented by a strong sales effort on their part, you’re starting the relationship off in a transparent way that promises a fruitful future.