With more than 50% of online searches made by voice, thanks to the ever-rising popularity of voice search, optimising your clients’ SEO plan with voice search has become more realistic and necessary.

And while every savvy digital marketing agency will know what voice search is, some may not know that that the average voice search result is about 29 words; the standard voice search result from Google is at a 9th-grade reading comprehension level; and the average number of words used in a voice search result in 2312 words.

Now, when optimising your clients’ SEO plan with voice search, it is important to understand the complexities of human linguistics and to understand pitch and cadence, among other recommendations which we, at SEO Resellers NZ, will outline below.

According to Conduit Digital, and we fully agree on this, “Head over to Google’s page speed insights tool to make sure that the page you are trying to rank loads at 4.6 seconds at the most. Migrate your client’s site to HTTPS. If done incorrectly, it can produce pernicious effects. If you are unsure how to do this, reach out to a qualified digital marketing expert here at Conduit.” 

When it comes to the length of answers, Conduit Digital explains, “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Be sure to write short, concise answers that properly cover the query.” Then when it comes to Scheme, the article explains, “For competitive niches, anything that can be used to push your client in front of their competitors should be implemented.”

Further Tips For Optimisation Of Seo In Voice Search 

Further tips when optimising your clients’ SEO plans are to avoid industry jargon and make your clients’ content easily ingestible for their customers and online users. When it comes to word count, digital marketing agencies must cover the topic as in-depth as possible, but in the same digital breath, they shouldn’t force words onto a page for the sake of reaching a specific word count. To fully satisfy the search intent of your client’s online user, compile SEO-centric topics that your client’s customers, as well as Google, will expect, and want, to see.  

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