Conversation Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a relatively simple process. It involves using facts, and figures to create recommendations on how to make the website work better. But when you look at the specifics of how it works, things can get confusing.

If you’re an SEO Resellers New Zealand client and are already using our wholesale, white label digital marketing services, you might not know offhand what conversion actually means. If you’re planning on offering your clients CRO, it’s a good idea to brush up on your understanding of it so you can answer any basic questions that come up (of course, you’re always welcome to pass the questions along to us if you’re unclear).

The first and most important term is CONVERSION. In short, this is what clients want visitors to do on their website. Do they want an email address so that they can build up a database? Do they have content that they want clients to download? Do they want clients to fill in a form indicating that the business can call them back?

The next important term (and figure) is CONVERSION RATE. This is the rate per 100 visitors to your client’s websites completing the desired action. CRO begins with extensive research and analysis, and during this period the average conversion rate is calculated. It gives the team a figure to work off of, and based on the list of recommendations this figure can be improved.

Finally, the process that a visitor follows from the moment they enter a website to the moment they complete the desired action is called the CONVERSION FUNNEL. When a site is experiencing problems with its conversion rate, something is going wrong along the way of this process. But thankfully, it’s something that usually can be detected during the analysis and testing period of CRO. Once the client has a list of recommendations, they can implement them (or you can outsource this to SEO Resellers New Zealand) and improve the conversion rate.

Now that you have a better understanding of how conversion works, you can use it on your own sites or recommend it to clients with confidence.