In ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are answered and ensuring there are no gaps in service delivery, Globital, parent company of SEO Resellers New Zealand thought it expedient to appoint an independent fulltime Quality Assurance manager to be the driving force in making sure all service lines deliver on quality and service excellence.

SEO Resellers New Zealand would like to introduce our new fulltime QA manager, Mr Ali Sultan, who will sit at the helm of quality control, auditing all quality control processes throughout service offerings across brand lines.

Ali will be reporting to the Globital board on quality control processes in place offering recommendations on improving quality of service delivery. His qualifications and rich experience enable him to confidently oversee quality assurance management.

Mr Sultan’s appointment is an assurance to our clients of our compliance and dedication to enhancing quality control in our operational process with the end goal being: better service support, a comprehensive service offering that directly addresses business needs and challenges and a higher level of quality service delivery.

We remain focused on our mission – being a support-focused service provider in wholesale white label digital marketing services. Through our innovative quality solutions-based support services you are able to improve your procedural process and service offering to encourage business growth.

We share the enthusiasm and excitement Ali has for his new role at Globital and SEO Resellers New Zealand. We look forward to implementing new strategies that will allow us to serve you, our clients (and by association your clients) in better ways.

Improving our services is the surest way to ensure our growth, your business’ growth as well as the growth of the business clients you serve. This milestone appointment is us keeping our promise that improving our product lines and service delivery remains a top priority.