At SEO Resellers New Zealand, we keep up with online trends as digital resellers to help digital agencies better serve their clients. Digital agencies need to make a point of staying on top of SEO trends if they have any hope of offering high-quality SEO services to their clients. As search engines constantly change their algorithms in order to serve their users better, keeping up with these changes is essential for digital agencies. As the most used search engine in the world, Google has a tendency to dominate SEO trends. 

Page Excerpt Rankings

As digital agencies know, SEO is all about trying to get higher rankings in search results. Ranking number one for any given search can be a challenge, even more so to get the coveted zero-rank position as a featured snippet. Google has now introduced passage ranking, where their algorithm looks at stronger signals about a page to understand what results will be relevant to a query. These signals include headings, page titles and more. Passage indexing allows digital agencies to help their clients rank for a specific passage of content rather than their entire web page. 


Users have been able to talk to Google for a while now, using AI assistants and voice-to-text to search online. With LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Google intends to talk back. LaMDA can be trained to read a sentence or paragraph and interpret how the words relate to each other, predicting what is going to come next. LaMDA intends to have conversations with users in order to provide relevant answers based on the dialogue.

Core Web Vitals

Previously, digital agencies would boost rankings by attempting to optimise their clients’ web pages for a specific keyword before building links to it. On-site optimisation and link building are still vital components of SEO, but there are other factors at play too. Google takes into account the experience its users have on any given website. To evaluate the user experience of a website, Google has introduced a set of metrics that measures factors like a page’s loading speed, mobile-friendliness and how it uses HTTPS protocols. This measurement system is known as Core Web Vitals. Digital agencies can monitor their website’s Core Web Vitals score to make sure that they are offering a good user experience and to ensure that Google ranks their clients’ websites.

Google’s MUM Algorithm

Google has relied on BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) to help with search queries for some time now. BERT was revolutionary for the time, allowing for voice recognition in searches, among other things. Google is set to launch a new algorithm for serving its users, MUM (Multitask United Model). MUM understands 75 languages and can analyse text, images and video to answer complex search queries. With advanced AI, MUM better understands context, user intent and feelings to provide appropriate answers to their queries.

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