Affiliate Program

Apply for New Zealand’s Top SEO Affiliate Program

If you’re interested in participating in our affiliate program please complete the form to apply. Note – this is a wholesale program so your prospects would be  agencies who want to sell (or already are selling) SEO or other digital marketing services as a service to their clients. You would not be promoting digital marketing services as a retail product to an end user. You would be promoting our digital marketing platforms to businesses that would benefit from our support and infrastructure.

The commission structure for this program is extremely generous and we’d love to hear from you if you believe you can promote our platform professionally and successfully. We only accept affiliates that meet the minimum industry standards, are super energetic and driven to succeed.

If this sounds like you, we’d be happy to accept and support you as you prove your referrals and abilities. Please apply and we will be in touch within 48 hours.


Here’s why our SEO Affiliate Program is the best


Recurring Monthly Commissions

Most of our products are services invoiced on a monthly cycle. We reward you with commission on sales on that recurring monthly basis. That means, every sale you make gives you more than just a one off payment –  it gives you a monthly pay rise where you get additional commission EVERY month that your client utilises our services.

Three opportunities to build your income:

  1. Direct Sales – You receive a direct commission from every invoice we send to the agencies you introduce to us. The more agencies you introduce, the more we invoice and the more commission you earn. Your commissions are directly proportionate to the amount of business you build and the effort you put in.
  2. Your Organic Growth – The agencies you introduce to us are businesses that also strive to grow and become more successful. Once you have introduced them to us, you’ll receive a commission.
  3. Introducing More Affiliates – This is the second level of our commission structure. If you introduce other affiliates who introduce their agencies into our system you will earn commission on their introductions.

For example, you could introduce an affiliate who brings on 10 design companies that each bring on 10 SEO clients. From the one simple introduction of a new affiliate, you will be receiving commissions on 100 retail SEO clients.

The real benefit to affiliates is that agencies love using our system, they tend to know other agencies in the industry and refer them to it. When this happens a reseller becomes an affiliate, therefore building your business even further.

You will possibly not even know these on-referrals are occurring but we track them and reward you every month with your recurring commissions all stemming from the initial introduction.

We Support Our Affiliates to the Hilt!

What really separates us from the rest within the industry is the level of support we provide for successful affiliates.

When our affiliates meet minimum sales success we will:

  • Build them a dedicated website for affiliate business and invest our money in an aggressive SEO campaign for that website resulting in leads from Google searches
  • Send them real and relevant leads that come through our company sponsored advertising and marketing
  • Provide support in the form of encouragement as well as in the form of real, quality sales and lead generation support.

We want all of our affiliates to succeed. We will support those that do so, and that go above and beyond.

If you think you would be a a good candidate for our affiliate program just fill out our Affiliate Enquiry form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.