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Google Adword Management - Pay Per ClickWe at SEO Resellers NZ, promise to increase profits for your company!

We don’t only optimize your Pay Per Click campaigns. We work to optimize the conversion rate of your and your client’s website as well, increasing your chances of making huge profits from PPC advertising.

White Label PPC advertising ought to be a part of every digital marketing strategy. If you are not spending money in PPC advertising then you are at a disadvantage. PPC advertising is one of the best approaches to generating sales and leads for your and your client’s business. It is also the perfect way for you to get in front of the right prospects anywhere they are online.

Due to the intensity of competition online, it is tough to generate profitable sales from PPC advertising. That is where we come in. We don’t only optimize your PPC campaigns but also optimize your website conversion rate as we know that a higher rate of conversion is the greatest competitive advantage you and your clients have.

How We Get Traffic With PPC

We use all PPC Marketing & Management networks in New Zealand to generate traffic towards the website. This includes White Label Google Ads Management & Bing Ads, LinkedIn Advertising, Facebook Advertising and Google’s Display Network.

How We Make PPC Profitable 

We don’t only concentrate on optimizing your PPC Marketing & Management campaigns. We also concentrate on optimizing your web conversion rate. This can involve developing highly converting landing pages, A|B split-testing and working with your design team to improve your and your client’s website.

The Facts About PPC Advertising

It can be a tough job to make PPC work efficiently for you, especially if you don’t have the experience or knowledge about it. If you develop the campaigns yourself, there is a often a chance you are bidding on under-performing, irrelevant keywords that are costing you and your clients far more than they are actually worth.

By optimising these campaigns, profits and returns that you are making from your outsourced PPC management campaigns can be greatly increased. What makes us different is that we concentrate on boosting your conversions, not your clicks.  Conversions are the return. Clicks are a cost.

We do everything we can to boost the number of conversions you receive from your PPC campaigns as this lowers the cost you spend on each conversion, which boosts your return on your investment. We concentrate both on the optimization and setup of your PPC campaigns and on the website conversion rate itself. Be cautious of agencies that concentrate merely on impressions and clicks and don’t optimize for conversions.

Marketing Results Provided By Google Ads:

  • payperclick 300x219 - Pay Per ClickMore Enquiries: Sales & Sales Leads. Traffic does not equate to sales. Targeted traffic equates to sales.
  • Lower Cost per Click: By optimizing landing pages, keywords and ads, you can get more & more clicks for less cost, increasing your ROI.
  • More clicks: If you make $1 each time you spend 50c on a click, you’ll no doubt want to create as many targeted clicks as possible.
  • Less Waste: By identifying  and culling unproductive clicks, you’ll save money without decreasing your outcomes.
  • Decreasing your spend and still getting the same or better results.
  • Better performance when compared with competitors.
  • Enhanced Return On Investment: More sales & enquiries for less cost.

Our goal is to build an online brand experience that engage your client’s users, creates customers and works on all platforms. Call us to find out more about our white label PPC management program.