When setting up a social media campaign on behalf of your clients, there is more to consider than just what to say and what picture to use in your blog post.

With so much on the plate of a marketer setting up a social media campaign, doesn’t it make sense to employ the services of the best wholesale digital marketer to prepare, schedule and post your social media campaign from end-to-end on your behalf?

SEO Resellers New Zealand offers the nets best wholesale digital marketing services that include campaign structure, post creation and goal orientation (whether you’re aiming at real Likes or more Website conversions).

We’ll get the information from you about what your clients’ needs are, generate the Facebook posts, find the images and captions to accompany them and send it all through to you for a quick 10 minute glance before making everything live. That is all your client’s social media needs outsourced to us and all charged at wholesale rates.

We can even provide you with Lead Generation and advertising campaigns through social media to gain your client (or yourself) REAL qualified leads without you having to spend hours and hours putting it together. Fantastic results that will make you look amazing to your clients.

seo resellers australia 2 - Social media requirements outsourced at wholesale rates

Since our services are White Hat, you can now sell them off to your client at a neat profit. SEO Resellers New Zealand is waiting to hear from you and ready to get going on providing your clients with a social media management solution that meets their needs and puts time back in your day. Get in touch!