Stay top of mind by nurturing your clients with quality content during the mid-funnel sales cycle

The middle part of a race (read sales funnel) is the most taxing with what can look like long stretches of hard work (mental and physical) to push through. This is unlike the start that is pumped with irresistible surges of energy and excitement, where hope and expectation is palpable as you wait for the starter gun to go off. Exhaustion takes its toll and motivation can evaporate faster than ice in the desert. The starting line has been long forgotten and the end is nowhere in sight.

A well thought out content marketing strategy can be an effective approach to boost a lagging mid funnel sales drive. Businesses that neglect to nurture and build trusting relationships with prospects without the guarantee of an immediate conversion place their businesses at a disadvantage.

Mid funnel content marketing magic

Mid-funnel sales cycles for service-focused businesses are more complex which is why informative and quality content allows prospective customers to deepen their connection to a business brand. Your clients can establish themselves as thought leaders by providing their prospects with mid-funnel content in the form of extra care blog posts.

Since the goal of mid-funnel content is to address the needs and challenges of prospects that are near purchase-ready, relevant and timely content is made much more effective through segmenting the different buyers’ personas. Innovative marketing automation technology can deliver targeted content in the form of email blasts and newsletters to segmented audiences simply and cost effectively.

Mid funnel content should aim to be:

  • Persuasive in style and tone to encourage an emotional connection with prospects to drive ROI.
  • Educational so that prospects associate value and superiority with your clients’ brands.
  • Targeted to specific buyer personalities in the respective stages of the sales cycle to promote conversions.

Content marketers in Australia with a well-designed content marketing strategy saw an increase in their success rate from 37% last year to 46% in 2016. Boost the ROI of your clients with a proper mid-funnel strategy that focuses on content marketing. For all of your customized quality content look to the expertise of SEO Resellers New Zealand. We are a leading supplier of wholesale digital marketing services. If nurturing the middle of the sales funnel for your clients has not been one of your strengths, SEO Resellers New Zealand has the required skill set to provide you and your clients with extraordinary results.

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