Managing your digital agency is an entire job all on its own, yet most agency directors will attempt to manage everything themselves. We already know this isn’t sustainable, but we stubbornly press on, insisting that we’ve got it all under control.

Can we suggest that you take a step back, release your grip a bit and consider working with a virtual assistant? VA’s are beneficial for many reasons, not least of which that they reduce your workload by giving you access to first-class administrative talent, which opens up your time to spend on business growth, selling and maybe even a few new hobbies.

So here are some of the reasons we give busy digital agency owners why they should think about hiring a VA today:

Increased Business Growth

It’s impossible to do everything yourself. A virtual assistant can remove some administrative and time-consuming tasks off your and your expensive local staffs’ hands while you focus on more important jobs, while at the same time collaborating, learning and growing your business with ideas and strategies you might not have considered before.

Top-Class Talent

A virtual assistant works remotely, from anywhere in the world. It means that you are not limited to finding an assistant in the immediate area where your agency operates. Hiring a virtual assistant provides you access to people with world-class talent and exceptional skills that are based remotely and often in different time zones to yours. This means that you could potentially have a qualified and capable employee online 24-hours a day.

It Saves You Money

Using a virtual assistant means that you are outsourcing some of your workload to someone else, and paying them for their services. Most virtual assistants work per hour, or per project – which means that you only have to pay them for their billable hours that they have worked, or per project. You definitely won’t have to worry about paying for vacation days, sick leave, healthcare and other benefits. You also won’t have to shell out for office space, furniture and equipment, allowing you to pump these excess finances into your agency.

Reduced Workload

As an agency director, you should not be spending significant portions of your time sending out invoices or performing human resources functions. A virtual assistant would take a large part of these tasks off your hands so that you can work where you belong, on the core operations of your agency.

Virtual assistants are available 24/7, which is very helpful for agencies who work with clients from all around the world. They improve your online presence, lessen your workload and save you money. They are a massive benefit, so consider how much easier your life will be with a VA on your team.

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us today!