As a new or established digital agency, you either have a small list of existing clients or a massive one. Your agency has spent years working with them and providing marketing services to them. You know their brand, and you know what they want. Their package has been set, and it’s been many years of the same work and the same amount. However, the amount of work your clients offer you doesn’t have to remain the same year upon year. It can level up! And you can suggest this to them without coming across as a greedy provider looking to get more of their money.

By knowing their brand and understanding their identity, you can understand what needs to be changed, levelling up or when a new marketing service needs to be made use of. However, before you look at marketing trends, new apps and new marketing tools to suggest to your client, instead, start by looking at their current online marketing offerings and efforts. And while there is a whole bunch of options to offer your existing client’s, let’s start with suggesting improvements and amendments to your client’s website and how to upsell them on this.

Remember that your digital agency knows the ins and outs of their marketing, so you’ll be able to make valid, fair recommendations that result in a head nod from your client.

Recommend They Level Up Their Website Package

So, you’ve been doing a client’s social media and blog posts for a while. However, you weren’t the agency to create their website in the first place. Your copywriters and marketing creatives have been creating marketing material for them for a while, with inspiration and information gained from your client’s website.

Now, one of your copywriters has asked for more information from your client, thanks to a lack of information presented on their site. And, if they are battling to get to know your client’s business, what does this mean for potential customers visiting their site? Here is a perfect opportunity to recommend a copywriting redo or revamp to your client!

Then another one of your copywriters alludes to the fact that the website has spelling errors—another great opportunity to suggest to website fix-up and revamp to your client.

From the client’s end, he or she asks your digital agency team to create marketing material for social media, and you notice that this new product is not listed yet on the website. Why not use this to your advantage and suggest you create a new web page or update the existing service page on their site. And bingo, you’re now providing your client with a new website package and have attained monthly website maintenance service to add to their once-stagnate package with you!

Then time passes, and the client wishes to revamp its business identity. Here you can suggest that your team of graphic designers, web designers and developers carry out this new brand or create an entirely new website according to their brand changes. An excellent suggestion which doesn’t come across as a forceful hard sell, right!

And When You Need The Help Executing, You Know Where To Turn

There are many ways to upsell your services to existing clients – whether it is website design and development or other marketing projects, so get going with the upsell. And then, once they are sold on it, and your increase in client requests hikes up, contact us at SEO Resellers NZ for support. We recognize that adding a long list of new services that you have no resources or expertise in can be daunting for digital agency owners. That’s why we are here. Our team of white label social media managers, copywriters, web designers and SEO specialists will be able to help you with the extra marketing load!