In 2015, the number of businesses in New Zealand officially topped the half a million mark, heralding a change to the intensity of competition being faced by the average business. Since then businesses have been seekingany tools they can use to retain and grow their customer base. If you’re a digital marketer, you should be recommending that they consider email marketing to help accomplish this. Here’s why.

Email marketing might be one of the oldest methods of keeping in touch with customers, but it’s still in existence for a reason. When you couple the inherent advantages of this form of online communication with the advantages of technological developments, it’s easy to see why many marketers rely on it. Here are two of its biggest advantages:

  1. Its affordable:

No complex software or connections are needed to offer email marketing, except for email automation and analytics. Many of these systems are free or come at a very low monthly cost and can all be done online. While statistics vary depending on industry and time and type of email, most emails offer a return on investment at least four times higher than social media, direct mail and paid search advertising. Some experts even believe that it offers a return as high as $44 for every dollar spent.

  1. It’s trackable:

These days most email automation programmes offer a wealth of information that can be used to improve and track marketing efforts, down to the last detail. You can tell if people are taking the time to read your email and if they’re responding to prompts by clicking through to a desired page or completing a desired action.

Email marketing also allows you to track how your email was accessed. This is essential as for example you might find that many customers who access their mail via their smartphones are deleting your mails without reading, which would indicate a potential formatting or display issue.

These are just two of the incredible advantages offered by email marketing, and if it’s something you aren’t currently providing clients with then it’s time you started today. For more information on how you can do this without hiring additional staff members or spending time and money that you can’t afford, please contact SEO Resellers New Zealand today.

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