Over the last few years, emergence of mobile smart phones, analytics, big data and clouds has been primarily changing our lives and the way we interact and work. These forces have raised customer’s anticipations, pushing the businesses to re-evaluate their end-to-end customer experience plan. Customer engagement solutions should concentrate on offering an enhanced direct experience and support businesses in increasing revenue, improve customer retention and satisfaction, expand margins, and provide the much needed differentiators in this competitive era.

Outsource School 2 1280x720 1 - Virtual Assistants For Improving Customer EngagementVirtual Assistants technology is a new field that could be combined with the lifelike online avatar that reacts to their queries in voice or text. They provide a personalized experience that minimizes the requirement of being in touch with support squad; builds a brand image and enhances customer satisfaction. It could be combined with the already existing applications in addition to extending them and adding value to the services they provide.

Here we discover on how these remote assistants could be added to the Omni-Channel communication way outs and discuss solutions created for the insurance domain to help streamline and improvise their customer involvement opportunities.


Customer waits for the suitable response to their queries when they contact the help desk or visit a support website. They expect their queries responded, problems determined so that the whole experience becomes a pleasing one. Not fulfilling their expectations would result in an unhappy customer and therefore a failure to the enterprise brand.

Businesses can significantly enhance their brand worth and sales via providing customers with correct and rapid responses by an efficient customer engagement services. It can support them in improving their services, maximizing customer retention and satisfaction. Businesses can leverage virtual assistants solutions improving their several customer service functions involving enrollment form filling, initial notice of lost claim, meeting reminders, front desk and other personalized services.

As the “VA” solutions are getting all the rage, numerous vendors have come up in the market with their solutions.

Customer Engagement Services Challenges

Here are a few of the key challenges faced by the businesses in managing customer involvement:

  • Meeting the ever-rising expectations of tech-savvy users having several communication channels including web, mobile, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Making a good first impression when a mobile app or web app is accessed for the very first time and thus increasing the possibilities of a revisit.
  • Offering a personalized support at the time of a product registration or a new account creation that may need engaging an agent.

Customer Engagement Solutions Using Virtual Assistant

To verify the usability and viability of Virtual Office Assistant products we developed two Proof-of-Concepts based upon the use cases from the insurance domain:

Product Enrollment: A web-based VA solution that offers assisted form filling while signing up for a new insurance product.

Initial Notice of Loss Application: A mobile-based Remote Assistant solution supporting users to log initial Notification of Loss using voice for a vehicle in case of an accident.

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