As digital marketing wholesalers, SEO Resellers New Zealand has different goals to many businesses in the field. For starters, we provide small and newly established agencies with white label services that their own clients demand, without taking the credit or competing with them. With an emphasis on growth and reaching new clients, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that clients also need to profit. To make sure we focus on this, MD of Globital, Damian Papworth, recently spent a week training our operations team in skills focused on improving client’s bottom lines.

Over several days, our Pakistan team joined MD Damian Papworth in Dubai for intensive, client focused training aimed at the leadership levels. In attendance were several team leaders and heads of departments, including Social Media Manager Affan Manzoor and Operations Director Asjad Afzal.

The training in question focused on how each member of every team could recognise their place in helping clients to achieve long term financial value that would have a positive impact on their ROI. The training included methods and techniques on how to improve the quality and consistency of services currently being delivered through addressing the ‘why’ behind each task.

Says Manzoor, “One of the key insights I took from the training was learning how important is it that even the most junior member understands how they fit into the bigger picture. They need to know the ‘why’ part of the job they’re doing that lies behind the actual task they’re completing.”

“This training has given me a much better idea of how to communicate to my team that we’re in the business of making money for our agencies, and it will motivate them by demonstrating that when our clients make money and benefit, we make money and benefit.”

Says Damian Papworth, “thanks to this training, clients can look forward to having a much better understanding of what we’re offering them in terms of bottom line value, and know exactly what every cent is paying for. Not only will this help them to see the incredible benefit that SEO Resellers New Zealand has on their own ROI, but it will also help them to pass on the value of these benefits to their own clients in turn. It’s a situation where everyone wins.”