When you as a digital marketing agency strategise with your clients and look at the various elements of your digital campaigns and their content marketing strategy, it may seem like you have covered all your bases. However, it is important to follow up your content strategy with a content plan – yes, you do need both – to execute the goals you have outlined with your clients effectively.

Globital offers wholesale copywriting and white label content writing that helps to take the workload off your agency, so do not worry about having many content plans for many clients or if your agency will miss deadlines should you not have the copy capacity to execute all the plans.

Why A Content Plan Will Add Value To Your Agency

Think of a content plan like you would a SMART goal:

>> Specific

>> Measurable

>> Achievable

>> Realistic

>> Timely

Content plans help your content experts and marketing strategists to foresee the upcoming work, plan ahead and execute in good time. It also shows your clients that you’re thinking seriously about their business and go above and beyond the simple copy piece.

How A Content Plan Adds Value To Your Clients

A well-thought-out, detailed content plan creates a number of advantages for your clients. Not only does it allow clear communication and reiterates expectations around content and marketing goals, but it allows for consistent, relevant, and well-prepared content production – without duplication of content or having to settle on generic content. Building anticipation for what’s to come and aligning your timing with seasonal searches creates an additional layer of nuance for your clients and their online content. Your account managers and the clients they are responsible for will have easy access to the history of what has been completed, which also acts as an editorial calendar for organising. If asked by your client, you can decide to recall specific topics and expand on them or exercise flexibility by incorporating new ideas that are on-trend. This would be difficult to manage and control without a predetermined schedule and content plan!

Tips On Creating A Content Plan For Your Clients

We recommend that the content and strategies at your digital marketing agency use the following tips to create a perfect content plan for your clients:

>> Use a matrix that includes the title or topic, keywords that need to be emphasised, primary messages within the piece that link to the keywords, relevant references where applicable and the intended date.

>> Set clear goals and targets with your clients and ensure that all parties involved go over them regularly and provide feedback on the progress to your clients

>> Manage your client’s audience and their preferred tone across the online space so that you create varied content (in terms of tone, length, and marketable points)

>> Schedule regular checkpoints for housekeeping to go over created content and adapt your client’s content plan accordingly to ensure KPIs are met

Get In Touch With Us To Create Copy When Your Client Approves Content Plan

Now that you know the importance of a content plan or know why you need to create one, you should speak to our friendly, experienced team here at Globital for your content creation and copywriting needs. Email us today at support@globitalmarketing.com.