Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the world around them and how it operates. More than ever before, consumers are conscious of all kinds of issues like gender inequality, discrimination, climate change and more. Digital agencies today have the responsibility of creating effective marketing strategies for their clients that are also socially responsible in order to appeal to consumers’ awareness and desire to be part of a solution. 

Socially responsible marketing involves making decisions that are going to create a positive impact on the world or, at least, minimise the negative impact on society. There is no one way to create a socially responsible marketing strategy, as it should depend on several details, including the brand itself, what it stands for, what it offers (in terms of products or services) and its offerings’ impact on the world.

Socially responsible marketing strategies should aim to touch on these key points:

  • Being honest and transparent
  • Recognising that decisions affect customers, communities and the planet and act accordingly
  • Being fair and respectful

Why Is Socially Responsible Marketing So Important? 

  1. It’s The Ethical Thing To Do
    First and foremost, socially responsible marketing means that we, as marketers, are doing right by the world we live in. By maintaining a strong moral compass, marketers hold themselves to a certain standard of ethics. Digital agencies and their clients typically have the resources, power and knowledge to make a real difference in social issues. Making the effort to make that difference is simply the right thing to do. A business’s actions have real-world consequences and impacts. Choosing to be socially responsible in their marketing efforts shows that a business has taken that into consideration and that they care about the impact they have on society. 
  2. Create Awareness For Real Issues
    While some global issues have a lot of awareness with multiple people and brands spreading information and contributing resources, others fall by the wayside, somewhat invisible to society, with many people not even realising that these issues exist. When a digital agency or a brand chooses to stand behind lesser-known causes, they have the incredible opportunity to draw awareness to it, which could lead to more people working together to support the cause. 
  3. Boost A Brand’s Reputation
    In a world where consumers expect brands to wear the white hat and do good for the world, socially responsible marketing is a must for any brand looking to maintain a positive reputation. In today’s society, cancel culture (where society ostracises a person or brand that is perceived to have exhibited bad behaviour in some way) is rife. Brands simply cannot afford to damage their reputations by neglecting their social responsibilities. 
  4. Appeal To Consumer Demands
    At the end of the day, marketing is all about appealing to a certain demographic. If consumers are demanding socially responsible marketing, it only makes sense that digital agencies comply, benefiting everyone in the long run.  

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