For all digital agencies, maintaining a strong relationship with each of their clients should be a top priority. After all, without a positive client relationship, it’s unlikely that any of the agency’s clients will return for more work. One of the key components for agencies looking to maintain strong relationships with their clients (especially PPC clients) is to set, manage and deliver on their clients’ expectations. The best way way to achieve this is for agencies to have a PPC client protocol in place. 

What Is A PPC Client Management Protocol?

Client protocol is a specific set of rules that explain to staff exactly how they are expected to interact with and manage clients. Digital agencies are responsible for ensuring that every employee knows what is expected of them when the time comes for them to interact with and provide services to the agency’s PPC clients. A PPC client protocol should clearly outline what a digital agency expects from its employees when it comes to dealing with PPC clients. Having these protocols in place sets a clear standard of expectations and serves as a guide for employees dealing with PPC clients, setting them up for success. 

Why Is A PPC Client Protocol Important?

Having a PPC client protocol in place benefits digital agencies in many ways, including:

  • Establishing Rules And Expectations
    Having a clear set of rules for anyone dealing with PPC clients will lead to less confusion and mistakes made.
  • Efficiency
    With a proper protocol to follow, the process is standardised, making sure employees are working in the same way and improving efficiency. 
  • Creates Consistency
    When everyone is expected to follow the same protocols every time, the same service and results can be expected, no matter who is handling the client or campaign.
  • Simplifies Training
    With a set protocol, new hires can be easily instructed on what is expected of them and how to meet expectations.
  • Improves Client Relationships
    When employees have a clear direction, they are able to serve customers better. Customers receiving good service are happier overall, leading to better relationships. 

What Should A PPC Client Protocol Entail? 

PPC client protocols should clearly outline what a business expects of their employees when dealing with PPC clients. PPC client protocols can include:

  • Client Introductions
    How should employees introduce themselves to clients? Is a standard email or form worth looking into? Should initial introductions be face-to-face or online?
  • Initial Communications
    What information should employees gather from clients? This can include their business details, their PPC goals, budget etc.
  • Managing Expectations
    Ensure that employees know how to correctly manage PPC client expectations and avoid making promises that can’t be kept.
  • Check-Ins
    How often should employees check in with or update clients?
  • Discuss Results
    At the campaign’s end, the employee should meet with the client to discuss the results, whether improvements can be made and whether the campaign will be extended.

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